Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tutorial and FREEBIE Mothers day Photoshop frame!

This is just a little something I threw together! I thought I would share just so you can get an Idea of how to use a clipping mask in Photoshop. I always wanted to know how, and maybe someone else out there does too. BTW If you want this little creation you can download it for free as well :) here we go.....
the file:

1. open up the "mothers day frame" file into Photoshop

2. find your two pictures you would like to have in the  "mothers day frame"

3. select the photos and drag them into the "mothers day frame"

4. Here is the part that may be confusing but try to follow along....
ok so to put your picture into the square you Hold down Alt and Windows keys (shown in picture)

position the pointer over the line in the Layers panel dividing the base layer and the first layer above it that you want to include in the clipping mask (the pointer changes to two overlapping circles ), and click.
That should put your picture "inside the shape"
(I hope that makes sense!)

5. size the picture so you dont have any black showing

6. explained in photo :)

7. Flatten and save!

~*~voila~*~ here is mine! It is so cute framed. I will be posting that soon! I hope this helped you guys. I know that I always am wanting to learn new ways to play in Photoshop! Thanks for stopping by!

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