Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love notes!

I am such a romantic! I love when something can keep a spark going.... for me its what comes from the heart! Ok lets be honest, husbands, boyfriends, guys in general sometimes struggle with being "romantic" (if your guy does not, LUCKY YOU!!) My husband has had to learn along the way, bless his heart,  BUT with that being said one thing that he has done SO well is..... DRUM ROLE....... notes, Little notes here and there. Like in my purse, or in one of my shoes. He has also left notes in the morning before he went to work, or at night when he couldn't sleep. With all of his heartfelt words, quirky jokes and inspiring quotes, I wanted to keep all of them, but the papers started to pile up and I couldn't keep them in order. So I decided to get a journal for each of us and call it our "LOVE" journal. We write in the journals for each other when we feel the need. :) I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with this idea and am so happy to share it with all of you! its great that I can keep them forever, all together and in order!

 Doesn't matter if you are dating or if you've been married 60 years, you still love getting "love" notes right? Pass it along!  


  1. Aw I love this!! Aaron and I have been doing this since we started dating:)

  2. Oh I love that you guys do this too!!! It really is one of my favorite things!!!!


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