Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FRAME and SIGN (shanty2chic inspired)

I needed a cute, fun, INEXPENSIVE frame for my room. I wanted something that would pop! So I saw this blog post from shanty2chic: and decided I wanted to make it. (of coarse I added a little somethin somethin to make it my own) 
I had a piece of 1x4 wood left over from a different project. and then followed these steps
STEP 1: Size & cut (to your preference) wood at 45 degree angle. Size & Cut basebord  at a 45 degree angle ( Instead of baseboard I had a frame that was not being used so I made all my meausurments to fit the square frame.)
STEP 2: I used Liquid nails to secure each corner of the frame. I added a couple staples to make sure it was secure. I probably didn't need to, ok ok I'll be honest I was way to impatient for it to dry completely so I added the staples so I could move on and not have to wait for it to dry! :)
STEP 3: Paint frame color of choice. I used white
STEP 4: Let dry and add painters tape. I spaced it evenly apart.
STEP 5: paint your next color of choice and let dry.

STEP 6: Remove tape and sand it a little to make it look a little rustic (optional). Also on this step attach the frame or baseboard on top of the other frame. (sorry did not get a picture of that)
STEP 7: I wanted to add a little something extra so I grabbed my "bag o buttons" (from hobby lobby) and....
STEP 8: Glued buttons where I felt looked FANASTIC :) 
STEP 9: Add the claw back to hang picture

And there you have it a SUPER cute frame that cost me..... NOTHING!!! 
Everything I used was just around my house! Ahh got to love it!

Ok so along with the picture frame I wanted to have sign below that was special! I came up with this....
OK so here are the steps:
1. Get a piece of wood (i just used an old sign that I did not like anymore)
2. Paint it your color of choice and let dry.
3. write, draw, or print your saying backwards on a plain ol' piece of paper!! (I drew mine. if printed go over it with a permanent marker.)
3. put it on the piece of wood and get a paint brush a little damp. "water" paint over the saying (should barely show up)
4. paint over the light saying so you can make it stand out more.
5. sand the edges to make it look a little rustic ( I love using a nail file for this)
I wanted it to pop a little more so I used twine for the heart and painted over it with yellow. 
Aww isn't it so fun!!!

 Thanks guys for stopping by! Be sure to follow me and share this post!! I would love it SOOO much!!
Have a FANTASTIC day! 


  1. so cute Tiff! We gave you the liebster blog award!!

  2. This is so cute! I love it! and I would love for you to link it up at our party.



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