Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wall Stencils & wainscoting

 So I am a PINTEREST addict (who isn't). I love love love that app/site!!! I have followed it and have so many WONDERFUL ideas and crafts I need to do. I had seen many master bedrooms with wallpaper so I was looking at wallpapers for my room and came across stencils for your wall to save some money!! Well I came across an amazing Website called Love their gallery and so many amazing stencils....Well I cant afford any right now so in the mean time I created my own stencil. I just drew it on card boards and cut it out with a exacto knife. Yes it took me a good 3+ hours to do one half of a wall but I LOVE the outcome!!! I also wanted the wainscoting look as well. First here was some inspiration that I leaned toward...

Ok so here is what my Room looked like before....

so here it is now (still need to decorate of coarse )........

VOILA!!! love it! (don't mind the quality, took them with my phone :)

Price breakdown:
Paint around $65
Base board and little trim: $55
Bed spread and pillows: Target $85
Curtain (actually table cloths): $40

So pretty cheap for re-doing your master. Still have lots of work to do as far as decorating! I also am going to be making a headboard... stay tuned!!

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  1. What measurements are the squares on your faux wainscoting? ((Love it))!


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