Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for a change in my little princess's room!

So my next project that's on my list, after the master bed and bath is my little girls room. I am loving the aqua, coral, and green and a splash of yellow combination but then there is gray and pink, then there is an orange and aqua... the list goes on. So it goes to show I have not decided what I am going to go with, but whatever it is going to be I am super excited to start!  I think that I have changed my daughters room 3 times in her 4 years of life, and keep in mind I ave only lived here in my home 3 YEARS..... you do the math! ha ha

Of coarse these are my pinterest ideas!! I am going to start calling my pinterest posts ideas..... PPI!!

Oh my little one would love this!

Maybe this might be a little too red?
I know it is way bright and a little over the top, but I love the aqua blue and coral together! 
 I cant tell if this is a orangy-pink or coral, but I like it :)
 Love the idea of making a 3D effect. This would be so cute in my daughters room. 
 LOVE this bed spread!! ($ 200) way too much!!
 Love the color scheme on this bedspread too! I would have it as a bottom of the bed blanket with a white down comforter as the main bedspread though. It is a little to busy!
Cute DIY art. canvas and fabric Viola!!
 Doors as a headboard..... Brilliant! Love the old but new feel. It beats having to buy a $300 or more bed set!!
 Again cute colors!
 Love the owls!
 See another cute color scheme!! Ugh this is just killing me! So much to choose from! Good thing I can change it again, and again, and again if I want to..... even though my Hubby hates it!

Now my little girl if 4 I want something that is not too teenagery (new word hehe) or too babyish. Decisions decisions!!  I will be having to make a decision soon, but until then......... What is your opinion?

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