Sunday, May 19, 2013

A little over a week left...

Man after 4 LONG months we will be closing on our house this coming FRIDAY!!!! I can hear angels singing. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Ok so no one told me how frustrating building can be!! There have been so many things that I have not been super impressed about, but also there are something I am. I just wish that the builders wouldn't do things just to get them done, maybe take a little more time and make it look nice!!! That is all i'm asking. Just makes more work for them to go back and do it again! I will post pics and details on a different post of some of the things I was stressed about and let me know if you think I am being too picky or you would be the same way... (to be continued)
ANYWAYS I thought I would share some more fun photos of the house...

I cant wait to post pictures of it all decorated!! I am picking out a sectional right now. wish me luck, I have struggled picking one out!!! Thanks for stopping by.

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