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Hello My name is Tiffany and this is my family! I am a SAHM with 2 beautiful little ones, I also am a card designer, home stager, and hair stylist. Phew!! Did you get all that? I have been married for over 6 years now to my high school sweet heart! My hobbies are singing writing music and designing. I am a thrift store/craigslist lover! I love turning old out dated things into new wonderful pieces. I also am a total bargain shopper most of my home decor is redone and updated! I am not the best writer or no expert on advice by any means I just like to connect with others and I felt like this blog would help me do that. On this blog I'd like to talk about anything and everything, this and that, I'm open to it all! I hope you can enjoy this blog and I cant wait to get to know more SAHM's, Wives, friends, and bloggers out there!

This is my husband Joey. He is such an incredible Dad and husband and he is my best friend. We met when we were 14 in Middle school and dated all through high school. We were married June 16, 2006 and will have out 6 year anniversary this year. We love to be goofy, eat sushi, go on trips and raise our precious babes together. He is truly my soul mate and I am grateful I have him in  my life! We have had rough patches in the past but there is no one else I would want to be with. He is one amazing man! 

Oh I am the luckiest person to be called Mommy by these two angels.

Ally is 5. She is the sweetest little girl and the best Big sister. She is such a little performer, she loves to sing and dance. Ally is a little smarty pants and though she  missed the deadline for kindergarten by 2 weeks,  she loves to learn about new things,  she is starting to read and she is always asking questions about things I don't even think of! Everyone loves to be around her she is so pleasant and kind. Love her with all my heart so lucky to have her as my daughter!

This is Rhett he is 3 and he is my wild one. He is always busy keeping me on my toes. Rhett is a Mommas boy and I take every chance I get when he wants to snuggle. His favorite show is curious george but is now really into all the super heroes especially spider man  He is also into football, trucks, dirt and motorcycles. he is ALL boy. Love him to pieces and can not picture my life with out him in it!

Well there you have it! This is my family, The Collins Clan!
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