Sponsor swapping

I am pretty new at getting my blog out there, but I am sure this will help!

Sponsor Swapping 
I'm looking for some awesome bloggers to sponsor swap
Don't know what that is?
Sponsor Swap: I will sponsor you/ post your button on my page... you do the same. Its a win-win situation!
I will sponsor 5 bloggers for one month (30 days).
Each sponsor gets a spotlight on my page.
I will also happily host giveaways
and/or Guest posts.

If you are interested please email me at mrsthisandthatblog@gmail.com
In your e-mail include the following:
  1. A photo of yourself
  2. An 'about me' blurb to share a little about yourself to the readers (In HTML format)
  3. An HTML button code 

Thanks SO much!! xoxo

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