Monday, May 21, 2012

Curious George Birthday party

 So my little guy is OBSESSED with Curious George. I thought it was a perfect theme for his 2nd birthday and it turned out SOOOOOO cute. I was super duper sad that my husband had broke my camera lens the morning of the party so I didn't get to take pictures of all the details, but I did take a couple with my Iphone so I thought I'd share with you all. 
Oh and BTW there are free downloads at the bottom for a Invite and other fun stuff!! YIPPEE

Ok here is the front of the birthday invite I designed (one a little different for free at bottom of post!) 

 And back..... Love it! 

Water bottle labels! 

 Little guy birthday morning. We have a tradition that is so dang special. Every birthday morning for both of my kids, their uncle Eddie brings them cupcakes for breakfast. He is here before they wake up and we decorate and make them Birthday crowns. They feel SO special. I love the tradition! 

This is the ice cream bar. Like I said I didn't get to take pictures of the details but it turned out super cute. The flag banner I made from paint swatches. Grabbed a couple at Walmart and cut them into triangles and strung them with yarn. Adorable and FREE!!! Had a couple curious gerge books laying around so used them as decoration! 
 Cake pops, water bottles, pinata. SO fun and cute!
(don't mind the table cover, ha ha it came un-taped)

$5 HOMEMADE PINATA.... SUCCESS. Here is the how to if you missed it: CLICK HERE!!

Aw my little curious Rhett!




(the water bottle printouts are for a size 8.5x11, a regular piece of paper.)

I am still working on a BIG project. I will post as soon as it is finished. I am super excited about it! Come back soon!


  1. These are great! I would love to use them for our next b-day party. Do you think you could e-mail them to me? The files are no longer downloadable. Katrina dot Schmidt at gmail dot com.

  2. love this Tiffany, you are a great mommy! would you mind emailing me the invite file? sorry to even ask, it's no longer available on your site, says it expired.


  3. Hi, I love, love, love your invitations!! I'm doing a curious george 2nd bday party for my little girl but in pink, yellow and brown. I was wondering if you do customer orders. I would pay for you to change the colors and add my daughters pics to the pdf file. I know you did this for your own personal use but it's the best invitations I've seen. excatly what I'm looking for. Unless you can tell me how to do it but I'm not sure I am that skilled. lol


    1. Aw thank you!! Yes actually I have them On my etsy shop
      I can make any color changes! Check it out! I would love to work with you!!

  4. Super cute! My little guy is turning two and is obsessed with Curious George as well!

  5. My little girl is turning 2 this September and LOVES Curious George too!! Anyway I can get the free invite with "turning two" instead of "turning one"?? :D

  6. These invites are great! Is there a way that I could download a copy of them that doesn't have a number, or that says four on it??

  7. Love the printable thanks for sharing. It would go great with our Curious George Party

  8. Thank you for the free downloads! They are great.

  9. Hey, I love the free download, but the invitation that downloads is for a one year old. Are we supposed to go over and buy it from your etsy shop?

  10. I love all your Curious George stuff!!! hi I really like your birthday banner. I would like the same one in my sons name is Ryett also an he is turning 2. I don't know how to make the same birthday banner you had. could you help me?

  11. Awesome Post... thanks!

  12. Hi, not sure if my comment went through... are you able to share with me the invite for a second birthday? Thanks!

  13. Thank you for the free invite! It is so cute and perfect for my Curious George obsessed son! :)

  14. I love this party idea! I'm going to be annoying here but I have to ask anyway. Would you be able to modify the invite to say "Turning One"? My little is going to have a super small family birthday next week so I don't want to spend tons on invitations and these would be perfect!

  15. When I click on your download it takes me to Google docs and when I print it from there it does not print the whole page but cuts off the "Pin The Hat On George".

  16. When I click on the invite download it is for a 1st birthday party. Can I get it to be for a 2nd birthday?

  17. Any chance you can upload the file again? I'm unable to download it.

  18. This link for the free invite download doesn't work. Could you repost it if possible?


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