Monday, April 23, 2012

Simple fast and oh so cute!

 I love finding things around the house that I probably would have thrown away but decided to make them apart of my decor! I enjoyed this yummy bottle of wine and thought it would be ADORABLE on my shelf. I had some twine I had from another project so I got my handy CHEAPO glue gun and got started.....
I only did a glue strip straight up and down the bottle so if I needed to push some twine around to cover gaps I could. If you ran the glue all the way around the wine bottle there was no way you could cover the gaps! I think it is a cute little addition to the shelf family! 
Get creative and SHOP from home. No, not on your computer, like literally search around your home and have fun with it! :)  If you try this fun MRS. T & T challenge let me know what you did! 
Thanks for looking....
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