Friday, April 13, 2012

Framed Mirror!

So again I LOVE me some pinterest. I find myself on it WAY too much! Of coarse I get a lot of Ideas/ inspiration from the site and came across the framing mirrors. I have wanted to frame my mirror for so long but could figure out how I wanted it to look exactly. So i came across quite a few and here are some of my favorites....

I decided to go with something simple. I have the gray, yellow, black and white theme kinda going on so I decided to stick with the white to make it a little bit more cozy! I made a trip to the home depot Made the husband take a trip to the home depot and he got all my supplies (love him). I used the big 2x4 1x2  (gahh i believe its a 1x4!!!) I used the size i thought would look good.. baseboards already primed and then some crown molding. Cost about $20. 

So we measured, cut, primed and painted. Then we glued (word of advice paint on the backside too or it will show through onto the mirror..... TRUST ME!!) When we glued we tried to keep it in the middle because we didn't want any glue squishing to close to the top where you would be able to see it. I used the liquid nails to and it worked like a charm!!

 I love the turn out! I am doing my other mirror this weekend with a little bit of a different look!! Until next time.


  1. Your mirror turned out great! You should totally come do mine :) Great job!

  2. aw thanks Danielle! It truly is not hard! You should give it a try! Thanks for looking!! Xo


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