Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My daughter Ally was the VIK (very important kid) at her school this week and she needed to do an "about me" poster. So I decided I wanted to design something she can keep forever. I wanted it to be very personal too, so I left all the writing for her to do, when it was printed. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money for the printing so I just sized this as a 20x30 and printed it at Costco for $8.00. SWEET!! It really turned out adorable....
Dont mind the blurry phone pics :)

Girl "about me" poster
I also designed one for a little boy. 
Boy "about me" poster

I thought they turned out so cute, If I do say so myself :)!! I have them both available on my etsy store HERE.
They are fun little keepsake, that you can even frame if you want to.
 Ally loved it so much and she said all of her class was "so interested, they were at my knees staring, while I was talking, they loved it so much Mom!"
I was happy she enjoyed it as much as I did. She will always be my little VIK! 

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