Friday, April 19, 2013

Idea room

I literally have been on pinterest and scrambling at Tjmax, Homegoods, Tai pan, Target, Downeast home and many more in search for decorations for my new home!! EEk They are coming along quick. Stucco is now on and Sheetrock up and mudded. I think they will be painting next week! Although I don't have the MOST recent photos here are some from the other day.

I know you are so excited you can hardly stand it, right? HA HA 
anyways I wanted to share some pinterest ideas with you on what I am imagining for the house.

I'm LOVING the neutral tones with subtle pops of color and rustic accent pieces. SIMPLICITY is what I want to be surrounded by! I am getting so anxious and cant wait start pulling things together to see the finished product is going to look like. My mind wont stop, therefore I have lost a lot of sleep thinking about this dang house. I'm ready for it to be done now! Until then I will still be loosing sleep and spending money I shouldn't for decor. :) I am going on a date with the hubs tonight for ideas on a couch/sectional. Still cant decide what I want to do... We shall see what I fall in love with! :)
Thanks for stopping by, I hope I sparked some ideas!


  1. So jealous your house is already so far along! We signed our contract in October and they just barely laid the foundation!!!! Grrrr. Can't wait to see more progress... Looks like we have similar taste from all our pins haha :)

  2. Oh Heidi I am so excited for you! It's hard waiting!! I can wait to see your home! We already do have a lot of the same tastes :) can't wait to see all your ideas come together!!


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