Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Acts of kindness, Pay it forward, amazing anniversary!!

So for our anniversary we decided to do something a little different this year. Instead of having it be all about us and the 6 years we have been married, we decided to GIVE BACK. I can not tell you how much we looked forward to paying it forward and let me just say it honestly was THE BEST anniversary yet. It truly is such a great feeling when you can make someones day. Even with a smile and a friendly hello, it not only makes other people happy but you can not have a bad day with that kind of attitude!! So we had my mother in law come and watch the kids (thanks mama) and we headed out for the day. We made a list of things we wanted to do for the day and unfortunately we didn't get pictures of it all but I can write a list so you can have ideas if you ever want to do something like this (trust me you totally should!!) 
1. Help someone with yard work. We went to my grandparents in the morning and surprised them with a lavender plant to plant in their yard. My husband fixed a couple sprinklers that needed to be fixed and I mowed the front and back yard and we also remover all the weeds.

my hubby and cute grandpa!
2 2. Then we went to lunch and saw that a local all stars baseball team was doing a car wash to raise money. Of coarse we stopped and donated some money and they insisted to wash the car.. They did a horrible job, ha ha, but it was funny and completely worth it :)

notice my grandpa pointing out where they missed! ha ha he made us laugh the whole time!

3. Then we headed to our local Walmart and help push all the carts back into the building and the guy was so thrilled that we helped him. (sorry no picture)

4. Then we decided to go and buy a $10 Walmart gift card and give it to the cart guy. He was so sweet and so happy about it!  

Grandma, Matt (the cart guy) me and my husband Joey
5. This was one of the most rewarding things we did that day! We visited the local nursing homes and I am telling you, they brought tears to my eyes the way they lit up when you walked through the door. We bought 2 dozen roses, some licorice (individually wrapped) and some suckers. We gave the little ladies all a rose and I tell you what the suckers were the biggest hit! This is something I am going to do a lot more often and I am going to bring my kids next time! They would love it!
I did many more acts of kindness that day that I wasnt able to take pictures of,  but here is a list that I made to go off of:
(you can print this off its a size 8.5x11)
This was such an incredible moment to share with Joey. I will never ever forget that day. I will be doing this more often and trying to spread the word for everyone else to give back. What an amazing way to spend my anniversary. 
Also before I let end this post I wanted to share a flash back picture of the hubs and I. It was when we first started "hanging out" and then now. check it out:
Ha ha! Its crazy how time flies! 

Thank for stopping by! Remember to "PAY IT FORWARD!"

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  1. What a wonderful thing you and your husband did! Nothing like spreading God's love through acts of kindness. Thank you for making me think outside the box when our anniversary comes around!

    1. Audra you are so sweet! Thank you so much for always being one to comment! I truly appreciate your support!! You should totally try this for a special occasion or any time! It was one of the best memories I will take with me forever!! xoxo

    2. You are doing great on your blog thus far! So, I just saw your sweet comment under my etsy post!! How I didn't see that earlier, not sure! I need to get some more stuff listed and then I would love for you to do a post. I don't have a ton of viewers, but I would be happy to blog about Mrsthisandthat as well!!! I'll let you know once I get more listed! Thanks Tiffany!

  2. I am in love with this. How thoughtful! I'm definitely going to remember this for our next anniversary!!!(:

  3. I already knew how cool you where! Now you are just stinking awesome! I love knowing that you did this, it restores my faith. I am so proud of you!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful thing to do. This is so selfless of you both. I'm your newest follower and I wish you tons of blessings in return. xo


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