Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey guys before I introduce you to my other sponsors I would like to invite a couple more sponsors to my blog for the month of JULY!!! anyone welcome just contact me at Look forward to get a swippen swappen!!

Ok now let me introduce you to 2 BEAUTIFUL ladies that are not only flow blogger but very good frineds of mine. I have mentioned them in this blog many times. Check out there fun blog, you will love it!

“My Best Friend’s Blog is a place where we can document our lives as best friends. We talk about everyday life and the ups and downs of being young single moms. You will also find a variety of DIY projects that we have created or projects from other bloggers who inspire us to get crafty. We wanted to make sure we capture every memory of our unique friendship, and My Best Friend’s Blog is the perfect place.”

Now what are you waiting for?.... check it out :)

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