Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back on the band wagon!

So I have done it again.... I am being SUPER lazy! Haven't been to the gym for over 2 weeks... FAIL!!! Yes I am still trying to eat well BUT I have cheated more than I should have! OK if you have read my weight loss story (if not go HERE ) and you are wanting to do something about your weight... I want to challenge you! Give yourself a half hour to and hour a day of exercise, whether it be riding your bike with the kids, running, cleaning the house at fast speed :)... whatever it is, GET ACTIVE. I am starting my good behavior tomorrow!! I have had many emails asking me for tips... Here are my top tips:

1. If you have an IPhone download DB tracker. Log EVERYTHING you put in your mouth!! I usually log my food in before I eat it just to make sure I don't go over my calories :) I've tried a couple different apps and this has been my favorite for logging my food. It also has workout tips too. The app is free, but I bought the scanner because it makes my life easier, and I think that was $4.99!  Be honest with yourself and LOG IT!!

2. DO NOT DRINK JUICE. seriously you guys juice is a TON of wasted calories!! Instead drink homemade lemonade with WATER, LEMONS and LIQUID STEVIA (oh BTW the liquid stevia is on sale right now GO HERE. 50% off! Cant beat it!) I use the stevia ALL the time! You can also add frozen strawberries or raspberries to it and put it in the blender... yummy summer refreshment! Or make homemade ice tea the cold brew kind, add a squeeze of lemon and StEvIa (sang in a opera voice) ha ha. Anyways I'm telling you CUT OUT juices and switch them to the healthy refreshments.... OF COARSE DRINK A TON OF WATER TOO. DUH :)

3. Eat a healthy breakfast. I usually do Oatmeal with skim milk, stevia or honey and cinnamon OR egg whites with cottage cheese and tomatoes on the side. 

4. Don't eat 2 hours before you go to bed. I have to say this was THE hardest thing for me to do! I was always the night eater. I don't know why it was so comforting to eat before bed! But I don't do that anymore.

5. DO WEIGHTS!! for me I always thought that weights would bulk me up like this:
AHH SCARY but ... ABSOLUTELY NOT. in fact as soon as I started doing some weight training that when I noticed the weight coming off way faster. Don't be afraid of weights, in fact I think it is totally bad ass when a girl knows what she is doing in the weight room!
See how cool is she?!?!

6. PUSH YOURSELF!! I have been that girl that says "ugh, I hate going to the gym" or "I'll start tomorrow" Guys I have been SO uncomfortable in my clothes of to be out in public! If I can make it to the gym and actually end up liking it... You can too. When you start seeing results you don't want to quit! And in all honesty it is 45 min to an hour out of your day!  I still have goals I want to hit as far as my physical appearance, but that's not what it is ALL about to me, I truly feel good and so much healthier. I am being a role model for my children and I am so proud when they choose water over soda or grapes over candy. I feel like I am doing something right as a Mom :) It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. There really is NO secret. JUST DO IT (in the words of Nike) push yourself as much as possible and PLEASE loose it the healthy way. I am not a personal trainer nor a nutritionist, but I know what worked for me and I hope this information helps you! Reach out for help and motivation, I do it all the time. I love challenges and that is usually when I push myself. Find a girlfriend or guy friend to do it with you. For me it was better to have someone by my side pushing me harder! 
So I challenge you to be a better you! Eat clean, exercise and LOVE yourself again!

Here are a few motivating quotes:

and of coarse a funny one:
ha ha I found that quite funny!

Love you all!

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