Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tangled Birthday party

Last September My little Ally wanted a Tangled themed party. Although I don't have all my pictures i thought I'd share some of the ideas I had. Btw you can download free birthday invite and tangled water bottle labels.... FREE

The cards I designed had a front and back and they turned out awesome!! I did it so they were printed with the scalloped edges. I printed them through Pro digital photos and they really did such an amazing job. I did the pearl and linen finish! WOO HOO!!

I designed the free one a little different so it would be easier to customize! If you want the front page to with the picture of your child just like the ones above, I could do it for you for a minimal cost. (very minimal) just contact me at
Download this card here: http:Tangled invite
Download water bottle labels here: Labels

 Here are a few pictures: 
  Made the cute pom pom decorations out of tissue paper. Google it on how to make them. Super easy & cheap!! 
 Candle stick from TJ max and decorated it with sticks and moss. Then I was able to put her cupcake right on top! Super cheap and OH SO CUTE!!!
We did the bounce house which was a huge hit! It is actually our friends/neighbor that owns it. They are great people and their prices are awesome. if you live in the SLC or Utah county area, give them a call they will bring it to you! 801-635-0562 his name is Geoff

Ok so Ally wanted to do pin the tail on the donkey, but that didn't fit the theme, so I got a foam board at the dollar store and traced Flynn with out a nose (you know like in the movie they never get his nose right!) BTW I am not an artist at all I just copied a picture from the web onto the board with pencil (there was a LOT erasing and re-doing) But it turned out pretty good!. 
Then I googled "cartoon noses" amd found this:

I printed and cut them out and that is what the kids pinned on flynn! FUN!!

  OK this was THE BEST part of the party. The sky lanterns. I have to say that it seriously was so much fun and all the adults enjoyed it just as much if not more than the kids. One word of advice though. Tie a string on it because that way you can pull them down and blow them out. We dont want any wild fires!! here is the website i got the lanterns at: It was so cheap and SOOOO entertaining. 

And last but not least here is me with my birthday girl:
 Next birthday party I am going to share with you is a curious george themed party! Stay tuned!

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