Saturday, March 9, 2013

There has been a change or two...

Notice the new blog?? Well you also might notice the change in the name! I have officially changed to Tiffany Collins Design. I have been presented many wonderful opportunities this past year. Not only am I designing cards and invitations but I also have been doing some interior design and home staging on the side. Yes exciting, I know right! EEK!! I have been SO lucky & I am so very grateful!! I have decided that I want to not just focus in on crafty stuff on the blog but home decor, design tips, free prints, invitations, cards, party ideas, etc. So welcome to Tiffany Collins Design. Yay! I am super duper excited! I have been working on some really fun spring printables that I will be posting this week. I will also be sponsored on a really fun blog this week that I will be sharing with you as well!! Thanks for stoping by!!


  1. Hi Tiffany! I discovered your blog through Brittany J. a while back, she's a good friend of our family. I think I remember you from her wedding a couple years ago! I'm a designer too and I'm also revamping my website to make room for my many projects. Your new site design is awesome :) Just wanted to say hi, and I love your work!

  2. Hey Mary! Thank you so much! We should link up sometime!! I would love to check out your website! Thanks for stopping by! I cant wait to check out your site!! xoxo

    1. I would love that! Here's the link to my site, it's a work in progress :)

  3. Love it Tiff. You are so talented!!


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