Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Ok I truly have fallen in love with the shabby apple dresses! look at these the Ingird and the Alice are my absolute favorite! Seriously though, all of their dresses are so dang cute! I know that in this day and age dresses like that can be difficult, especially when $88 could be put towards groceries, BUT as a woman, who doesn't want a gorgeous dress to show off, am I right? we all like to feel beautiful in what we wear, and I think Shabby apple dresses make you feel like you are wearing a top designer dress. That is why I am so excited to announce that right now, the shabby apple gave me a discount code for all my readers....WAHOO!! its truly a great deal you wont want to pass up!

My followers will receive 10% off their order. Just use the code: favorite10. This code expires 9/14/2012.

I love getting discounts like that! Not familiar with the shabby apple? They have more than just amazing dresses, they have swimwear, maternity, jewelry, kids clothing, etc. Truly adorablystuff! Anyways get a shopping ladies go to their website and have some fun!  Do something for yourself today :)
Happy Wednesday!!

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