Friday, June 1, 2012

High Heels and HOT deals... Sponsor Lovin!

Wow already June 1st!! Where has the time gone! Guess that means to welcome some new sponsors! Let me introduce you to Kait and Michele:

Hello blogger friends!  We're Kait and Michele, but before we begin we'd like to give Tiffany a super special THANK YOU for having us on her blog!

We're the creative master-savers behind the blog High Heels and Hot Deals.  
Actually, we're just two moms who are sharing with you our tips to save and information on the products your crave.  Basically, we want to show you that you can save $$ on the things you buy everyday by using us as your guide - and it doesn't have to take you 124,309 hours a week nor do you have to be an extremist about it!

Plus, we want to share with you our views on super amazeball products that we think you may like (because we do!)

But who are we you ask? on friends!

I'm Kait - also known as mama, babe and Mrs. B.  You know, your average full-time mommy, wife, teacher and shopaholic.  I've been addicted to a good deal since my first hot purchase at Abercrombie and Fitch when I was 13.  Nowadays I'm always hunting for sales on studly baby clothes, free toothpaste, paper towels and occasionally the cute frock for myself.  In my spare time I'm mildy obsessed with running, reality T.V. and Kate Middleton.

Hi there, I'm Michele- I am a fairly new stay-at-home mommy trying to keep sane. I have a 14-month old and two teenage stepsons who LOVE to eat and spend money! I could spend hours browsing the racks at TJ Maxx and Home Goods.  I never buy anything that isn't on sale and I get super bummed when I don't walk out of a grocery store with at least a 50% savings on my receipt. In addition to being a mommy, I spend my days as a photographer and tend to get a little crafty with my sewing machine and glue gun. :)

So check us out, follow us and be our friend!  We'd love to share with you our saving goodness! :)
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And, don't forget our blog!

Once again, thanks Tiffany for showing us off on your blog!
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High Heels and Hot Deals

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