Thursday, April 19, 2012

That caught my "PINTEREST"

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Get it! That caught my PINTEREST! ha ha OK so once a week I am going to post some of my favorite Pinterest finds! so lets get started with this week shall we!

This will keep me motivated!!
(no link)

 LOVE this rug! Wish it wasn't so expensive!! She has AMAZING rugs on her site!

 Such a cute summer outfit! Love the Lace top with the jean jacket!

Ahh I freaking LOVE the yellow and gray! Love how they mixed all the patterns yet kept it clean and simple! Cute cozy room!

I want this amazing drumshade!! I absolutely love the pattern, couldn't you tell from my dining room wall? shown here: ( The only problem with this light  is... THE PRICE TAG!! This sucker is $973. Looks like I might be doing a DIY drumshade light. We shall see :)
Im loving chevron.. umm who isnt? It is a great center piece of the room! 
 I love this idea, in fact it is one of my DIY projects in the near future with a couple tweaks!! So fun!

Well there was a few from today! What caught your "pinterest"? I will post more next week! 

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